Monday, May 30, 2011

Yarn Shopping

Back home again. Last week, before leaving to my parents' place, I went to a craft shopping trip with friends found through Ravelry. I was meeting all of them for the first time. Instantly felt at home in the group and it was so much fun shopping with them. Here is my loot.

All the large skeins are very soft acrylic. And the smaller ones are 'bling threads' (don't know what they are called). I saw a granny stripe boutique bag a friend made using this thread and immediately decided I need to make those. I wanted to make this bag since a long time. After seeing the bling version, I couldn't wait any longer. I am done with my bag, except the lining which I plan to finish today. Have made some changes in the measurements mentioned in the original pattern. Will give the details in my next post, I promise.

I also bought a yarn winder which has made life so much easier. Yesterday the whole day I was making yarn cakes :).

I have almost finished making a drop stitch scarf, but more about that later.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My little rockstar!

Yesterday while sitting with nothing much to do, it occurred to me that I had not knit something in a long time. Searched through patterns in Ravelry and found this. Calorimetry is so easy to make( well I had some confusions and a friend in Ravelry helped me). Was doing short rows for the first time.

 I did not realize it will result in holes and panicked a bit in between. But then found out it's supposed to be like that. Apparently, there is also a method to avoid holes while doing short rows. A friend has promised to teach me that.

This can be adjusted to fit his head and mine as well. But doubt it if I will get to use it.

Ripples Cushion

Helllooooooo!! I have finished my third cushion.. As you can see it is made of colourful ripples.

 Iam so happy just looking at them!!Makes our sofa so cheerful and welcoming!!

The one in the back is my next cushion. It will be cushion #3 because cushion #1 ( with the frills removed )  has been claimed by husband. He has kept it in our car.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cute Cute Caterpillar!!

I told you about a CAL/KAL I have joined to make amigurumis or toys. And you know what, I have finished making it, though we are supposed to start making only by the end of this month. Yeah!!I did not pay much attention to the dates. Iam very absent minded these days ( or always? ).

 So I think I will make one more, choose a different pattern. This one, a very colourful caterpillar, has been snatched away by my little one.

 I had to beg him to let me take pictures. Can you suggest a name for this cute guy?

These are perfect for instant gratification. They can be made so fast and the result is great!!
Now let me go and choose another pattern ( there are so many cute patterns out there ).

Friday, May 6, 2011

Inga bag

My Inga bag is almost done. It needs to be lined. And those who know me must have already guessed that it has been postponed indefinitely.

Pattern here. This was made as a part of a Bag CAL/KAL in Ravelry's South Asian Crafters Group.

I have joined another CAL/KAL in the same group to make amigurumis. It will be my first attempt. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Granny Cushion

Yaaay!! Finally after some time I have managed to finish something. Remember my cute little grannies from last post? They have been transformed into this. It involved something that I keep postponing always, that is sewing. But yesterday I just sat and finished it.

My sewing machine is on strike. So I have hand sewn the cushion backing. Not bad right?

A glimpse of what I am working on right now, apart from the bag I blogged about earlier. This is, no prize for guessing, cushion # 3. I ripped apart the ripples I was working on before. I was not happy with the way it was turning out. This one, I like.