Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

For the first time we have kept a tree in our home. Little one was super excited. From next year I will make ornaments to decorate it. But this year had to use store bought ones.

Last week I got a bigggg surprise!!I got the goodies Barbara(made in k-town) sent me. Barbara has a lovely blog and hosts amazing theme based link-parties. It is my first giveaway win and I love everything that she has sent me. Cute bracelet, handmade bookmark, pendants, buttons, beads and a sweet little note. Thank you so much Barbara!! I showed it to all my friends, and told them that my friend in Germany sent it to me.:).

Nicole of nicole and the bee has passed on an award to me.

Thank you so much Nicole!!It was just the push I needed to stop ignoring my blog. Nicole has a lovely,cheerful blog.
I need to pass this on to some blogs I like and have less than 200 followers. Here they come.
Hazel's Crochet
Crafted By Carly
Knit Sew Hooked
Sonia and Fred

Before I go a peek into some crochet I am working on!!

Wishing you all a Very Very Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Something Great!!

I was away from blogland for a while because, I took part in an arts and crafts exhibition!! And sold most of my stuff!! And there was a laptop-stopped-working-incident also!! Altogether I neglected my blog for a while. But I am back and am happy to be!!

I am selling something for the first time. And what made me happier was the good response I got, the look on people's faces :). So encouraging. Me happy happy!!!. There were around 200 stalls, exhibiting different type of arts and crafts.

Some things I had made for the event, most of which are no longer with me :)

Something christmasy

I had made more, but these are the only decent pictures I have.  Have a great day!!