Friday, April 20, 2012

I am back!!

Hello all, I am alive, very much alive.. Big sorry for going again without notice. I used to see the number of followers increasing, and I used to feel guilty. But I just could not sit and write a post. I was too caught up with setting up a store (online on Facebook as of now). Its here, RainbowBunting.

I hope that from now on I will have a little more time for my blogging, now that everything is almost set up. But though I did not leave comments, I used to occasionally quickly go through all my favorite blogs (lots of them) :)..I hope I continue to get the love here that I used to get before. Please!!I know there is lots of catching up to do. Let me show you something that I made last week. We have an exhibition coming up for stuff recycled/upcycled to celebrate the Earth Day(22/04/2012). I have made these from my husband's jeans(with his permission).

A bunting

and a few key rings

Making one more bunting..Pictures later. Okay then take care all of you..Have a nice day.