Friday, January 21, 2011

Owl Clips!!

Now that I have learnt to knit cables, yesterday I decided to make something that I wanted to make since so long. They are uber cute!! Don't you agree?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I lovvve bargains!! Who doesn't!!

Yesterday was a day filled with bargain shopping. First we went to our local yarn store(which is a bookstore that also sells craft related items). There they had Sublime Merino yarn for throwaway prices. I couldnt resist and this is what I ended up with. I bought 33 balls of yarn. Its all in very good condition. The balls just look a bit messy, but not at all tangled.

I felt a bit guilty after this. But did I stop with this? No. Next stop was Ikea. We went there because my brother wanted to look for something. But he did not buy anything and this is what I ended up with. I got these from the As Is section for less than half the price and again I couldn't resist. I was a very bad girl, I know. But once in a while is Ok I guess. Don't you agree?

A very old project and a new one

First of all let me show you something I made almost 20 years back. Found this purse when I visited  home this time. Is this cross stitch? Looks like it. Me and a friend at that time had made one each. She made hers
in red and green I think. Had totally forgotten about this. Was a good feeling seeing it after so long. There
was a plastic frame just like a cross stitch cloth with little squares all throughout. And we did this work with thread. My father had given it to a tailor to attach a lining and zipper to it.

Next is what Iam currently working on. Its a cabled clutch. Iam trying to knit cables for the first time and its fun so far.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Last year, 2010, was one of the worst years in my life. So many traumatic events happened that broke me and crushed me. That is the reason why I went into hiding for a while. I used to sign into blogger but could not post anything. I used to read your blogs but was not able to comment. I just did not feel like doing anything. Thanks to all who messaged me and showed concern. I got your messages and was really touched but I was too upset to react. I want to move on somehow. Hope I will get the strength.

But now I thought although its a bit late, I will come up with a post that has all my knitting and crochet work done last year. Its special because I started to knit and crochet in November 2009. So I completed one year last November.


Hoping for more peace in the new year and much more crafting.