Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden Cushion

Last week I had to go to my parents' place. My mother is not doing well, again. In times like these I feel so so so helpless. I just want to do something that will make things better for them. But we have been asked to wait patiently, as the recovery will be very slow. I feel so tired at times.

Let me share with you something I made before I left.

Now I am back at my place for a short break and I thought I will take pictures of my garden cushion and share it with you. Feeling a bit better after this.

I had this idea in my mind since a long time. The butterfly pattern is from here and the leaf pattern is from here. For the flower I read a few patterns and came up with my own version. I really wanted a snail and couldn't find a pattern, so made it myself.

I will be back at the hospital next week. Hope things get better soon. Please pray that my mother recovers fast. Notice the contrast in this post? I am blogging about a very depressing thing and a very cheerful pillow at the same time. Why? I don't know.

Friday, June 3, 2011


My blog got an award. Thank you so much Angie from Le Monde De Sucrette. It feels very special to have received it from her, since I find her so very creative. Please visit her blog, if you already haven't.

While accepting this award I have to say a few things about myself and then pass it on to a few of my favorite blogs. Let me start with a few things about myself.

  1. I love colours! Those who read my posts must have guessed that by now:)
  2. I love it when it rains. It really lifts my mood.  Also the weather when it is about to rain, slight winds and dark clouds, love it.
  3. I believe in “Live and Let Live”.
  4. I panic over silly things. But when faced with some really big issues in life, I have been very strong. But that has not stopped me from panicking over silly things.
  5. I was a pretty choosy eater when I was a kid. But once I started living away from home, I started yearning for anything home cooked. Now my son is doing to me what I did to my mother. Is he and his grandmother plotting against me secretly?? :)
  6. Have never grown nails in my hands. I got very uncomfortable whenever I have tried to. I love pedicures though.
  7. I love gardening. My dream is to live in a house with ample land around where I can grow flowers, vegetables and fruits.
  8. I’ve never had pets.
  9. I am a vegetarian.
Now let me pass this on to a few of my favourite blogs.  ( Its really hard because I follow so many blogs and find most of them inspiring in one way or the other.)

Claire from Haken en meer
Mia from Mias Landliv
Dawn from Sew ritzy titzy
Rachael from Clevercheshirecats
Nicole from Nicole and the Bee

Please do visit these blogs.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drop Stitch Scarf

Remember I had mentioned a drop stitch scarf I am making, in my previous post. I made it with Vardhaman variegated yarn(acrylic). Cast on 36 stitches for a wider scarf.

This knits up fast. It's a very flexible pattern. I feel it looks great with any yarn. And it can be easily memorized. Perfect for TV knitting.

I learnt how to block acrylic by killing it!!Yeah, I can kill now!!!! The drape of the scarf definitely improved after blocking.

Have a good day!!