Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

For the first time we have kept a tree in our home. Little one was super excited. From next year I will make ornaments to decorate it. But this year had to use store bought ones.

Last week I got a bigggg surprise!!I got the goodies Barbara(made in k-town) sent me. Barbara has a lovely blog and hosts amazing theme based link-parties. It is my first giveaway win and I love everything that she has sent me. Cute bracelet, handmade bookmark, pendants, buttons, beads and a sweet little note. Thank you so much Barbara!! I showed it to all my friends, and told them that my friend in Germany sent it to me.:).

Nicole of nicole and the bee has passed on an award to me.

Thank you so much Nicole!!It was just the push I needed to stop ignoring my blog. Nicole has a lovely,cheerful blog.
I need to pass this on to some blogs I like and have less than 200 followers. Here they come.
Hazel's Crochet
Crafted By Carly
Knit Sew Hooked
Sonia and Fred

Before I go a peek into some crochet I am working on!!

Wishing you all a Very Very Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Something Great!!

I was away from blogland for a while because, I took part in an arts and crafts exhibition!! And sold most of my stuff!! And there was a laptop-stopped-working-incident also!! Altogether I neglected my blog for a while. But I am back and am happy to be!!

I am selling something for the first time. And what made me happier was the good response I got, the look on people's faces :). So encouraging. Me happy happy!!!. There were around 200 stalls, exhibiting different type of arts and crafts.

Some things I had made for the event, most of which are no longer with me :)

Something christmasy

I had made more, but these are the only decent pictures I have.  Have a great day!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Singapore Part 2

Last weekend was great fun!! We went to Sentosa and Universal Studios and the little one had so much fun. Felt so happy to see him so happy. Tomorrow we will leave Singapore with lots of good memories.

My crafty shopping. Yes, I managed to not buy any yarn!!:))

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Singapore Part 1

We are in Singapore!!! Husband is on an official trip and me and little one have come to enjoy!! :).. Its a great city and we will be here for another week. We visited Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari. These places are great for adults and kids. You get to go near the animals and birds and also read a lot of fun and educational facts about them. There are lots of shows in which the animals and birds participate. The little one was very excited and so were we. My camera went crazy and let me share a few pictures with you.

What I loved the most about these places is that they are doing so much to build awareness about preserving our rain forests and saving endangered species.

We also visited some shopping centres. I bought some cute stuff for really cheap prices. But nothing craft related yet!!

My Christmas crochet is going on at a snail pace.

More about Singapore and my Christmas crochet later. Have a great day!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Striped baby blanket Ta-Dah!!!

Striped baby blanket is ready and here it is smiling at you!!

All these colourful stripes give me so much joy!! I enjoyed crocheting each and every row of this. For some of you who asked, here are some details. I have just done rows of double crochet. For the border, a round of dc(followed the idea found here and here ) in green, then a round of dc in salmon and finished with a round of sc in red.

Had started to give a picot edging, but the whole thing was curling up like crazy, so ended up with this simple border.

 I like this border too.

Leaving you with a picture of some beautiful flowers in my kitchen!!Have a great day!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Blanket WIPs

Thank you so much for the sweet comments you leave for me and the encouragement and inspiration I am getting from this little blogland of ours!!

Today I thought, I will post about my blanket WIPs. For that extra little push to complete them and also for the sheer pleasure of photographing them!!

I have started a new stripy baby blankie!! No I am not expecting.. While going to my parents home this time I forgot to take some colours I needed for my Granny Square Afghan. So started making this baby blanket with the colours I had. Otherwise nine hours in the car without my crochet is boooring!! I will decide what to do with it later. Right now just enjoying making it!!

Next are these cheerful little squares. I have decided to turn these into another baby blanket.

Last but not the least my Granny Square Blanket!! Can you notice some changes in there? Yeah!! I have included some large squares in between and I lovvve the effect!!

I kept this on our doorstep for Diwali ( Festival of Lights, celebrated in India).

Happy Halloween to all!!Have a great day!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bling Gifts

First of all thank you sooooo much for the sweet birthday wishes. Hugs to all!! As promised I am going to share pictures of some bling stuff I am making as gifts. The recipient likes bling.
A phone pouch

and an eyeglass case

Hope she likes these!!

More bling stuff later!!Have a great day!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Gifts And Some Fabric Shopping

It was my Birthday last Friday!!Got some nice gifts and felt special. But let me show you what I gifted myself. Two books I have been dreaming to buy since a long time. Yippee!!

Also found some super cute fabric yesterday in an exhibition. Got them for reasonable rates as they are export rejects. These are all bed sheets, except the cupcakes print which is a pillowcase. The sheets are quite big so have enough in each print. I can't wait to use these for my sewing projects.

 I am crocheting some bling stuff today. Will post about within the next couple of days. Have a nice day!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little housie!!!

No I was not on holiday!!!I was in the bed most of the time the past few days. Only times I got out was to go to the hospital or to the loo. I was hit by a very bad stomach infection and it was really baaad!!!!. After two courses of antibiotics and a few visits to the hospital, I feel better now. But I do not feel like knitting, crocheting or sewing after that. Why????????? I have gone through many of your blogs , to get that feeling back, and seeing so many lovely stuff in blogland is definitely helping. Okay, enough of my blabber.
Let me share with you pictures of a little sewing project I did a weekend, before all of this started.

I am not very good with embroidery. I have never done any serious embroidery. My inexperience can be seen here. But I love this little housie. Fully handmade by me. :) .. I was so inspired by a crocheted little house Lucy showed in her blog here

On the side I have tried to put a watering jug and a plant.

In the backside is a washing line with a granny blankie and stripy pajamas!!!Not so neat, I know. But not bad for a beginner, right??

I hope I can start crocheting, knitting and sewing again. Have a nice weekend!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Progress Pictures

I just thought I will peep in and show you some progress pictures of my granny throw and blankie!!
Lets see the blanket first!!

I know I went a bit overboard with taking pictures of these candy squares!!
Before I show you  pictures of the throw, a small update!! After making so many squares, I realized that the light brown colour I was using in some squares was some other brand, which was not at all soft. So decided to re-do the squares that has that colour. Progress so far.

A lot of brown in there right??Need to balance it with some bright squares like the one below.

I plan to keep both these projects aside and make something for instant gratification this weekend. Will show you next week!!
My Granny Goes Shopping bag was featured in Tangled Happy. Thank you so much Sara@Tangled Happy!! It was also the most viewed project here. So pleased!!
Have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

One a Day

Remember, I had mentioned in an earlier post that I have joined One a Day@Gingerbread Girl to finish my Granny throw

Well, I started it last Sunday. Have made 9 squares so far.

 I am also weaving in ends of the granny squares I had already made before joining this CAL. That is also being done one a day. Will post progress pictures of the another afghan I am working on in my next post.
Before leaving, let me show you some flowers the husband bought me yesterday!! Have a nice day!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Yarn scrap recycling

I have so much yarn scraps, from all the afghans that I am working on. And don't you feel they are too good to be thrown away. This is what I came up with this afternoon. You just need a bottle, yarn scraps and glue. Just stick them on as you wish. I want to make lots of these.

Do you have ideas to use yarn scraps, that you do not mind sharing??