Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Singapore Part 2

Last weekend was great fun!! We went to Sentosa and Universal Studios and the little one had so much fun. Felt so happy to see him so happy. Tomorrow we will leave Singapore with lots of good memories.

My crafty shopping. Yes, I managed to not buy any yarn!!:))

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Singapore Part 1

We are in Singapore!!! Husband is on an official trip and me and little one have come to enjoy!! :).. Its a great city and we will be here for another week. We visited Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari. These places are great for adults and kids. You get to go near the animals and birds and also read a lot of fun and educational facts about them. There are lots of shows in which the animals and birds participate. The little one was very excited and so were we. My camera went crazy and let me share a few pictures with you.

What I loved the most about these places is that they are doing so much to build awareness about preserving our rain forests and saving endangered species.

We also visited some shopping centres. I bought some cute stuff for really cheap prices. But nothing craft related yet!!

My Christmas crochet is going on at a snail pace.

More about Singapore and my Christmas crochet later. Have a great day!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Striped baby blanket Ta-Dah!!!

Striped baby blanket is ready and here it is smiling at you!!

All these colourful stripes give me so much joy!! I enjoyed crocheting each and every row of this. For some of you who asked, here are some details. I have just done rows of double crochet. For the border, a round of dc(followed the idea found here and here ) in green, then a round of dc in salmon and finished with a round of sc in red.

Had started to give a picot edging, but the whole thing was curling up like crazy, so ended up with this simple border.

 I like this border too.

Leaving you with a picture of some beautiful flowers in my kitchen!!Have a great day!!