Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden Cushion

Last week I had to go to my parents' place. My mother is not doing well, again. In times like these I feel so so so helpless. I just want to do something that will make things better for them. But we have been asked to wait patiently, as the recovery will be very slow. I feel so tired at times.

Let me share with you something I made before I left.

Now I am back at my place for a short break and I thought I will take pictures of my garden cushion and share it with you. Feeling a bit better after this.

I had this idea in my mind since a long time. The butterfly pattern is from here and the leaf pattern is from here. For the flower I read a few patterns and came up with my own version. I really wanted a snail and couldn't find a pattern, so made it myself.

I will be back at the hospital next week. Hope things get better soon. Please pray that my mother recovers fast. Notice the contrast in this post? I am blogging about a very depressing thing and a very cheerful pillow at the same time. Why? I don't know.


Ninu said...

nice idea and very well implemented!

Regula said...

Life is full of contradictions. Maybe that's why. I hope your mother will be better soon. And I love your pillow, especially the snail. :-)

Deepa said...

Life is unpredictable...we just have to go on and face it. Take care of mom and yourself too..

knottygal said...

Oh Sari! Wish I could give you a tight hug and make you feel better. Wishing a speedy recovery for your mom.

Love how the pillow came out. great job on the snail.. maybe, you should put up the pattern, when you get the energy to do so..

take care of your mom and yourself too. you and your family will be in my thoughts.


Pixie said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is just adorable, what a beautiful cushion, i love it, your blog site is always so sunny. x

nicole said...

Oh wow this is so cute! I absolutely love everything about it, this has really inspired me to make something similar :-)

I'm sending your mum all my happy, positive and healing thoughts and hope so much that she get's better soon :-)

x x

Ramya said...

Hi saritha,

have been looking at your blog quite often but this is my first comment!! All I want to say is stay strong as you have always been and think only positiv e thoughts and send them out to your mum. she will heal soon. I am a doctor although not practising right now....do feel free to mil me with any questions,I will try my best to be helpful!! I do Reiki as well,so will also send healing thoughts to your mum!!

LOve your cushion,its the positiv ehappy side of yours that is coming t the fore even though things look gloomy at the minute.....right way to go!!

Keep in touch please.

Warm healing hugs,

Ramya (lifeisaballoyarn.blogspot.com)

Pearlin J said...

oh dear Saritha, I hope and pray your mom feels better soon.Its a hope of good things to come that makes you create cheerful things even if things seem depressing. Don't lose hope.Things will surely be brighten up soon.(( Hugs))

Anitha said...

Hi Saritha, pray your mom gets well soon.

The garden cusion is so tempting. Very creative and neatly done!

Ramya said...

Hi Saritha,

Thank you for the lovely comment.I can understand how difficult it must be for all of you ...hang in there!!
I am planning a trip to Bangalore next month..Are you in India then? Would be nice to meet up?

Hopefully things will brighten up for. you by then . Do feel free to get in touch anytime regarding your mums health.

Warm hugs,

Yasmin said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's health. I've not really been checking out the blogs lately and didn't know at all about this. Please know that I'm praying for your Mom and hope she has a speedy recovery. It's very scary when you see your Mom's health failing.
I have faced this few years back ...and it was daunting! Thankfully, my mom recovered and is fine now...even though regular follow ups and check ups are needed. I'm just thankful to God that she is okay. Insha Allah , I pray the same for yours.
I'm glad you are doing your projects amidst all this difficult time . It helps to keep sane. Looks like your pain has made your work even more beautiful. This garden pillow is so cheerful and pretty. Great job. Shows your mind is positive inspite of everything. God bless you and your family.Hugs to you!

Sus said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your mother is not doing well. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Making and sharing cheerful things is an excellent way to cope with difficult times. This pillow is darling!

Pradeepa said...

I hope your mother gets well soon. It is a very nice pillow.

From Scratch said...

Sorry to hear about your mother. That's rough. Glad you have projects to keep your mind busy.

This pillow is great. Love it! Thanks for sharing and thanks, too, for stopping by my blog.

Maaike said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your mother... wishing you all well.

By the way, the cushion cover you designed is sooo amazing! The colors, the design, pretty pretty pretty.

Love, Maaike

La Crochetnauta said...

Very nice!!! congratulations. Kisses from Argentina.

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

This pillow is too cute! I love the snail motif! I did a snail once and found it to be quite a fun pattern to follow. Glad to have found you via icrochet today =)

Crochet dude said...

love the idea very cute.