Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A very old project and a new one

First of all let me show you something I made almost 20 years back. Found this purse when I visited  home this time. Is this cross stitch? Looks like it. Me and a friend at that time had made one each. She made hers
in red and green I think. Had totally forgotten about this. Was a good feeling seeing it after so long. There
was a plastic frame just like a cross stitch cloth with little squares all throughout. And we did this work with thread. My father had given it to a tailor to attach a lining and zipper to it.

Next is what Iam currently working on. Its a cabled clutch. Iam trying to knit cables for the first time and its fun so far.


nima said...

wow...that's so nice to see your knitted clutch progress..

tha plastic canvas work bag looks nice...and it's lovely to see our childhood work after we grow up.

Sus said...

How fun to find old projects that have slipped the mind! Looks like you're doing quite well with your cables, too!

- said...

Fun to find things we worked on in the past...brings back lots of memories plus it instills some confidence in our creativity. At the time you probably wondered about it but finding it now you KNOW it is fantastic work. The cables are looking really great.

Pearlin J said...

I love your old project.I remember those plastic canvas things :)Can't wait to see your cabled clutch .Nice colour.What yarn are you using?

Saritha said...

Thanks Nima, Sus and Clara.
@Pearlin Thanks..Its a local acrylic yarn.