Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Lucy Bag

My cousin in Canada bought me some acrylic yarn  (She thought thats the only type available) from a dollar store there when she heard about my new hobby. When I showed her my work and told her about the variety of yarn available, she promised me that she would go to some real yarn shop and send me some good yarn when she reaches back. Isn't she sweet?? There were 10 to 12 balls in total. I removed just 3 or 4 from them and the rest looked like a very bright and colourful lot. So I decided I will try to make the Lucy bag(wanted to make one since a long long time). Iam almost done with it. And it looks really pretty if I may say so. Can't help it. I lovvve it!!
Now I need to find a pair of nice handles. Don't have yarn left to make them, so will buy readymade handles. The lining job is also left. I need to reach back in Abu Dhabi to do that since my sewing machine is there.


mel @ loved said...

What beautiful colours, it's gorgeous!

nima said...

wow..lovely bag..

Saskia @ Crafty Valley said...

Great Lucy bag! WOnderful to stashing yarn in!

Ninu said...

colourful bag!!recently i went to a shop to buy yarn and then only i realised tht i was totally ignorant abt the yarn variety.. now trying to learn more abt it :)

Sandy said...

I love the colors in this .... so pretty!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Saritha. I was just going to bed and saw that you visited and entered my giveaway. Thank you!

I love this cute bag you made. I would have never thought to put those colors together, but no kidding, this is sooo cute! I'm looking forward to coming by and looking through your old post. It looks like your very talented. By the way where do you live I thought I saw something about India.

Hugs...Tracy :)