Sunday, October 10, 2010


Iam feeling extremely extremely extremely low these days. Thats why the long absence from here. Not that things were smooth earlier, but we were facing them. But my mother, one of the most important persons in my life, is not doing very well healthwise. Iam very upset because of that. We had a long episode in the hospital, while I was in India, which includes a surgery. Now she is at home and I might go back to be with her for some more time. The recovery is expected to progress very slowly. Might take a year or so. So we are praying and trying to be strong and supportive.

I had lost my will to do anything, let alone crafty. But now I have decided I need to do these things to keep myself from going insane. Had kept a pair of shoeboxes earlier and had thought I will do something with them. So this is what I made from one of them today.

And I really felt better after finishing it. The fabric is from an old kaftan of mine.


Sandy said...

I have been wondering and worrying about you since you had not posted in so long. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother... I will definitely keep her in my prayers. Sewing is definitely a good outlet... love what you did with the shoe box! Hugs to you.

knottygal said...

Hey..hope your Mom gets better soon. you take care of yourself too. I too have refurbished some shoe boxes.. they are nifty things to organize your closet.. :-)

Saritha said...

Thank you so much Sandy and Josie. It was so sweet of you both. We really need all the prayers.

Ninu said...

I thought you were on vacation!!hope your mother gets better soon. prayers for her,for sure!!

Pearlin J said...

oh I am sorry to hear about your mom.Sending you all the good wishes and prayers for her recovery.You take care girl and stay strong .Hugs

nima said...

hope your mom is fine by now...are not back at home yet...hope everything goes fine and you get some peaceful time to get back to your passion.

great recycling Saritha