Monday, February 14, 2011

Crocheted Cushion Done!!

Yippeeeee!! I finished my crocheted cushion and lovvve it (Happy Dance)!! The pattern for the squares are from here. I have attached it to the front of a ready made cushion cover. I told you I will do some cheating :)

I joined the squares
Gave a border of sc
Then a round of dc
Then 2 dc in every dc of previous row
This gives you a frilly border


Sandy said...

It turned out so good Saritha, I love it!

nima said...

wow...lovely finishing...i love the edging

Ellen Bloom said...

Beautiful! I LOVE the colors!

Pearlin said...

wow looks lovely!

uma srinivasan said...

Beautiful!!I love the colours and the frilly edging

Sus said...

It's very cheery and the frilly border is just perfect for it. And it's not cheating, it's a *design feature*. ;) I love it!

Muriel said...

beautiful colours for the cushion, i like also the fluffy edges... congratulations

Suz said...

Love the cushion
Thanks for popping by
Hugs Suz x