Monday, August 15, 2011


I had lost my will to do anything at all last week. Was hit by the flu making rounds here. Feel a lot better now. Attended a Ravelry meet this weekend and that was so refreshing. I am all ready to knit,crochet and sew.
I thought I will show you my button stash today. Not much, but makes me happy.

The ones below, I bought yesterday evening. I so used to drool over these flower buttons that I saw in many blogs. Never thought I will find them here. I had to really control myself from jumping and screaming when I saw these in the shop.

Dont you love the pencil stub buttons and the rainbow buttons in the picture below. Got them in a swap with a friend in Ravelry. And those cute fruit buttons. They really lift my mood. Do you think I am crazy?

I have been featured on Sarandipities blog. Actually my post about the bling purse was the most visited post along with another post in the Make Something Monday link party.

Its a nice feeling!! Have a nice day!!


Ninu said...

"not much" i dont think so!! Loved it totally!! and many congrats!!

Anonymous said...

I love the buttons! I used to play with my mums stash when I was little, and I have been building a stash for nothing in particular for a little while now.
Sonia xx

Anonymous said...


Pearlin J said...

love love your button stash! I need to start one too.
Congrats on being featured.

Annaboo said...

I have MAJOR button envy!!
Love those cute fruit ones.
Lush stash!

Liz said...

Love them - especially the little flower ones and the ones with a bit of white in them - so sweet!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Debi Y. said...

Glad you're feeling better.

I love the little flower buttons too - they're cute. :)

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Oh my goodness these buttons are so cute! I have quite the stash of them going myself, so no I do not think you are crazy in any way, shape, or form. ;-) The little fruit ones are my fave! Glad you are feeling better!

Stacey said...

Your buttons are lovely! I always find a box of buttons is exactly what I need for a spot of inspiration ;) I loved the pencils, very cute. x

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Its not daft at all, these buttons are so colourful and what a collection there will be so many things you can make with them to.
Well done for being featured on your work to.
best wishes Julie.C

Grandma Beth said...

You are definitely not crazy. Everytime I am in a craft store I check out their buttons. I just found your blog and love everything you have done. From your buttons to the colors you use in your projects. You certainly are not afraid of using color. I will be learning from you for sure. I love the drawstring purse and again the colors you have chosen. You have definiely inspired me today! Thanks!!!

Cuckoo said...


Thank you for your comment over at mine. I've been on hols so have taken an age to reply to you. I'm glad my Flashing episode cheered you a little during your hard time. I hope very much that things are much better now.

I L:O:V:E your buttons. I have a very paltry little stash, nothing blog worthy.

Hope you don't mind me replying here but you are a n0-reply blogger so I couldn't just email you back.


koralee said...

Just found your lovely blog...and the buttons drew me in even more. Oh how I adore buttons..your collection is very sweet indeed. oxxo

Off to see what I have been missing.

Lina said...

I love your botton collection.

nima said...

lovely button collection saritha

Go Crochet!!! said...

awww.. that's really cuuuuuuute!!! >.<

faith76 said...

Those buttons are so bright and cheery. Glad to have discovered your blog.

Leah x

notes of sincerity said...

Oh what darling buttons!! :o)
Congratulations on being featured.