Monday, March 29, 2010


Finally finished lining the bag about which I had blogged in my very first post. Lining this took a lot of time. First I did hand sewing. But then I felt I should go for machine sewing. It does not look perfect, but Iam pretty happy. Here is a picture of the lining.

Hubby helped me to choose the fabric for the lining. He said this fabric has all the colours that I have used for my bag. And he is right.

Also made a crocheted scarf. It was a quick make and Iam very happy with how it has turned out. The yarn I used is a blend of wool and acrylic. Blocked it with the help of a friend in Ravelry. This scarf will be gifted to a cousin of my husband.

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Rima said...

Such beautiful projects! I love the scarf...