Friday, May 28, 2010

Nima's Hat Pincushion

Nima (Made to treasure) is hosting a hat pincushion pattern giveaway. Anyone can take the pattern from her ( details here ). She wants us to make it and embellish it according to our taste. So this is what I came up with.

Just a little embroidery (can we call it that ) and beadwork. Here is a closeup

When Pranav saw this he wanted to know for whom the hat is for. He tried it on his head but it was a bit small according to him. He thought about some of his cousins who are younger than him. But decided it would not fit them as well. But finally we found someone who can use this hat.
What do you think?


nima said...

OMG...that looks lovely with the cute embroidery and the beadwork...i love it. Thank you so much saritha for taking time to work with my pattern

Ritu said...

Wow, very creative and beautifully done.

Pearlin J said...

so so pretty Saritha.Love the colours !

Saritha said...

Thanks Nima, Ritu and Pearlin!!You all are so encouraging!!

Suz said...

hahahaha soooooooooooo cute and perfectn :))