Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Weekend

We are facing so many issues now. After feeling very low and sulking a lot the last week, we decided to forget everything for a while and go out and indulge in some retail therapy.

None of these cost much, but it felt so good. Bought some really good tea towels( I loved the prints ), some coffee mugs, a bear shaped measuring tape (for meeee), iron on patches (again for meeee)..

On Saturday we went to a dairy farm, where the little one had lots of fun. We had fun too.

So this weekend was a welcome break where we did not get much time to worry. Hope things will improve soon.


nima said...

saritha...are these tea towels from diaso...diaso is the best place for not much expensive retail therapy...me too love going there..picking up everything. my DH start to laugh when he see me keeping back half of the stuff i took out of impulse..lol

hope that everything goes fine for you soon..

Pearlin J said...

those are cute stuff. Children always have fun around animals .Don't they :) (goes for adults too)I hope your issues get resolved soon.